Send Nudes Not Nukes // Vol. 1 // Robert Anthony Jacobs // Abreah Griffin


By Local Artist: Robert Anthony Jacobs


Muse/Model - Abreah Griffin

Shot by JUNK films

Live on Hollywood Blvd. at The Shop on Hollywood

“Send Nudes, Not Nukes” is a sped up millennial version of “Make Love, Not War”, an anti-war phrase made popular in the Vietnam era. With this piece, the artist is modernizing the phrase in efforts to spread a message of love - particularly for the enemy. In a densely symbolized and darkly humorous homage to the dropping of the atomic bomb, Jacobs’ painting puts the issue of nuclear destruction side-by-side pop dating culture to push a message of peace. The words and images encourage us to reflect on the use of atomic weapons in World War II and ponder what that means for us now. The painting was created around and on top of Abreah Griffin, a naked live model. To impress the meaning of “nudes” onto the work, the painted letters of the word remain uncovered. The project was documented by JUNK films in November of 2017.